Palestine condemns invasion of Al-Shifa Hospital

By Edward Makuzva

The Ambassador of the State of Palestine, Dr. Tamer Almassri condemns the invasion by apartheid Israeli occupation army of Al-Shifa Hospital and other hospitals.

“The state of Palestine demands urgent international intervention to protect the civilians there. The hospital has been attacked by Israel under the fake Nazi propaganda that it houses Palestinian resistance groups with no proof of these claims.

“This attack on Al-Shifa Hospital is a war crime and Israel has to be stopped and held accountable for these violations against our people.

“Israel has prevented over 180 dead bodies scattered across the hospital to be buried which is health catastrophe in the making. 40 patients have so far died of the continued siege of the Israeli occupation forces at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, and there are 1500 members of the medical staff and about 25,000 displaced civilians in the complex”, ambassador Almassri explained.

Ambassador Almassri added that Israel has also attacked the intensive care unit and the paediatric departments leaving patients in dire circumstances.

“Israel has been targeting hospitals, where thousands of displaced Palestinians are taking refuge, cutting off fuel, water, and electricity, and bombing parts of the hospitals’ buildings. Israeli snippers are opening fire at Palestinians who try to exit through a corridor that the army claim to be a safe exit from Al Shifa Hospital.

“It is unfortunate that the Biden administration has become the spokesperson of apartheid Israel in this genocide. America has used the same tactic in the invasion of Iraq where it claimed the Iraq regime housed al-Qaeda groups which later turned out to be fake news.

“To date close to 12000 Palestinians have been killed in the ongoing Israeli genocide against Palestinians in Gaza with women and children accounting for 70 percent of the victim. Over 32 000 Palestinians are injured while 1.5 million are displaced”, Ambassador Almassri added.

Ambassador Almassri highlighted that the state of Palestine demands the UN Security Council to form a special international criminal tribunal, in conformity with International Law to Prosecute colonial Israeli war criminals who carried out or are behind the savage slaughters which were perpetrated by settler regime Israel in Gaza and in the occupied Palestinian land.

Dr. Tamer Almassri revealed that America and its allies have lost their credibility totally and it will take at least two generations to convince the Arab, Islamic and free world including Africa to convince them that they really care about democracy, human rights and rule of law, as they use as a pretext to destabilize the other sovereign countries.

Meanwhile,the Palestinian people will not leave their land and will continue to resist the Israeli occupation through all means necessary to achieve their independent state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

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