Concerned Citizens Call for Unity and Democracy in Zimbabwe

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In a press conference held in the capital yesterday, Concerned Citizens has issued a call for all politicians to respect the democratic system and avoid actions that may disrupt peace and stability in the nation.

Analysts believe the press conference was targeted at addressing issues mainly happening within the main opposition CCC led by Nelson Chamisa

Speaking on behalf of the organization, Concerned Citizens spokesperson Tawanda Mubaiwa acknowledged that there may be individuals who feel dissatisfied with the recent election outcome. However, Mubaiwa emphasized that the democratic process provides lawful and peaceful avenues to address grievances, with impartial courts available to evaluate concerns.

“It is disheartening to see that despite having this opportunity, those unsatisfied with the election outcome have not taken the appropriate route,” Mubaiwa stated. “As Concerned Citizens, we urge all politicians to prioritize the welfare of our nation over personal interests and resist actions that hinder our progress.”

Mubaiwa highlighted that the current environment of political bickering and uncertainty is deterring potential investors from considering Zimbabwe as a viable investment destination. This lack of unity and focus on development is causing immense suffering among fellow Zimbabweans.

“We must prioritize the needs of our people above all else,” Mubaiwa added. “While elections are an important part of our democratic process, we cannot remain immersed in perpetual political mode. It is time to shift our focus towards development and creating opportunities for our citizens.”

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