All Set for Zimbabwe Online Content Creators’ Forum in Kariba

The Zimbabwe Online Content Creators (ZOCC), in partnership with UNESCO and the Zimbabwe Media Commission, will be hosting a two-day post-election workshop in Kariba from the 18th to the 19th of September 2023.

According to Toneo Rutsito, the Chairman of ZOCC, all of the country’s leading online content creators will gather in Kariba for a post-election training workshop focused on professionalism.

“We have invited all our chapter leaders from the five constituencies, along with various members, as we embark on a capacity-building training session to improve and professionalise the sector,” said Toneo Rutsito.

He further explained that the workshop aims to enhance the professionalism of influential online players and strengthen their commitment to ethical, credible, and professional content creation.

The workshop will focus particularly on the post-election period, aiming to help content disseminators improve their responsibility in informing and educating the nation about election-related matters after voting.

Media holds the power to shape national narratives, and this can only be enhanced by trained and ethical content creators who have a national mandate to provide accurate information and education.

“Zimbabwe online content creators have the largest market share and serve the majority of information consumers in the country – approximately 70%,” added Toneo Rutsito.

Given the significant role they play, this sector needs to be well-trained and well-informed as they disseminate their content to a large portion of the nation.

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