‘Supporting ZANU PF honours our founder Mutumwa Johane,’ Vapostori

By Wellington Zimbowa

Full Gospel Church 1932 says that its support of the ruling party ZANU PF is in honour of a prophecy made by their late spiritual leader and church founder Johane Masowe.

This was said by Archbishop Inos Madondo recently at the church’s special service held in St Mary’s Chitungwiza to congratulate President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ZANU PF party for winning the crunch August 23-24 elections.

Former Chitungwiza mayor and Zanu PF central committee member Joseph Macheka and ward 7 losing councilor Angirayi Makanda graced the event attended by hundreds of Full Gospel Church 1932 congregants.

Traditionally acclaimed to be staunch ZANU PF supporters since the liberation war, the apostolic sect pioneered in congratulating the party and its leader during a special sabbath service in St Mary’s Chitungwiza.
”Our founding spiritual father the late Mutumwa Johane prophesied back in 1932 that Zimbabwe will get into black majority rule and urged the people not to ever return the country into the hands of colonisers.

“Thus for us supporting Zanu PF is a direct honour of the prophecy of our founding spiritual father. We congratulate our President Emmerson Mnangagwa for another five year term, praying and urging him to continue leading the party , government and country in the right path.

” This is the message that we were sent to convey by the church’s governing body of elders. In this message we are also guided by the election results as announced by Zimbabwe Election Commission that Zanu PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa won the election,” said Full Gospel Church 1932 Archbishop Inos Madondo.

He added that they were not surprised by the victory outcome since a prophecy was long delivered that President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa will romp to victory.

The church reiterated its loyalty to the party ” both in good and bad times” saying since 1980 it has been firm loyalists.
Responding to the congratulatory message Mr Macheka thanked the church for its unwavering support and for leading other churches in congratulating his party and said he will ensure that the message gets to President Mnangagwa.
He also thanked the church which he described as one of the biggest grouping praying for peace.
“During the campaign we went to various churches seeking support and on behalf of the party and president we thank you for your support that saw us winning the election.

“Our leader comes from the people and knows what the people wants. He wants people to stay in peace praying for the country,” he said.
President Mnangagwa won 52.6% of the votes against close contender Nelson Chamisa’s 44%.
The church also observed that it will continue working with the losing ward 7 councilor where its Chitungwiza church is housed and not the opposition one.

Another church member Apostle Tsopota said his spiritual father was Mutumwa Johane while the Zanu PF leader was the political father.
” It’s part of the church doctrine to support the party and even our children know that once they reach eighteen years they will vote for the party. We thank Zanu PF for ensuring peace and advancing black empowerment and standing firm with the people,” he said.
He added that the church has dedicated ‘sisters’ who pray for peace in the country.
However the Nelson Chamisa led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is disputing the election while SADC has discredited it alongside the European Union Observer mission due to reported irregularities such as voter intimidation, voters roll incredibility.

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