UNESCO commits to support ZOCC’s self-regulation mechanisms

UNESCO commends the Zimbabwe Online Content Creators(ZOCC) for establishing a self-regulatory mechanism and commits to support ZOCC’s self-regulation structures that promote ethical and credible online content creation in Zimbabwe, UNESCO regional Adviser for Communication and Information Al-Amin Yusuph said in a statement read on his behalf by Ingrid Tagwirei.

He said this at the ZOCC National Media Forum currently underway at Carribea Bay Hotel in Kariba.

UNESCO also committed to supporting the upcoming National Journalists and Media Awards.

“As we approach the annual NJAMA awards hosted by the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists, UNESCO and UNDP will support awards for journalists and online content creators who performed well during the 2023
elections by reporting factual information and adhering to the pledge signed by media stakeholders,”said UNESCO regional Adviser for Communication and Information Al-Amin Yusuph.

The Zimbabwe Online Content Creators(ZOCC) is currently running a National Media Forum in partnership with UNESCO, UNDP and the Zimbabwe Media Commission to foster professionalism in the media industry particularly on issues of disinformation and hate speech on online platforms.

UNESCO urged content creators attending the workshop to promote quality journalism through the dissemination of information sourced from reliable and official sources.

“Ethical reporting is not only a professional obligation, but also a democratic necessity. Ethical reporting means adhering to the principles of truthfulness, fairness, accuracy, balance, objectivity, independence and accountability.

“It also means avoiding sensationalism, bias, distortion, manipulation, propaganda and misinformation. Ethical reporting promotes public trust and confidence in the media,” Al-Amin Yusuph said.

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