Kwekwe vendor appeals for US19K to send her son for surgery in SA

Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku
A Kwekwe woman is appealing for financial assistance in the sum of US$19 000 to send her four-year-old son to South Africa for surgery.

Miriam Nyamvura (24)’s second son Junior Blessing was born with a hydrocephalus condition which causes his head to grow continuously.

The condition has also led to some health complications, including partial blindness.

“I am in need of US$19000 to send my son to South Africa for surgery, so I am appealing to well-wishers to assist me to raise that money.

“My son was born with hydrocephalus and I have tried to get medical attention locally but have been referred to South Africa for the operation.

“He is four years old but because of the condition he cannot walk or do anything and his health is continuously deteriorating such that he cannot relieve himself normally his cecostomy tubes are blocked and he is slowly turning blind.

“I am stranded and I feel so helpless,” said Nyamvura.

Nyamvura is a single mother of two, who survives on vending in the streets of Kwekwe’s central business district.

She spends much of her time carrying her son on her back moving around the streets, selling sweets and snacks.

Because of her son’s condition, Nyamvura narrated how she has faced rejection in the community until Kwekwe city council came to her rescue and allocated her a one-room apartment in Mbizo 7 where she is staying with her children.

“I have been rejected because of my son’s condition, before city council gave me an apartment I suffered with my children because people refused to offer me accommodation at their homes.

“I would go around the suburbs looking for accommodation to rent but the moment people see my son they will tell me that there is no accommodation.

“As you can see I survive on selling sweets. The problem is that Blessing does not do anything like other children and he requires a special diet which I cannot afford,” she said.

Well-wishers can contact Nyamvura on 0786631663 or visit her place of residence at room number 84A/ 7 Mbizo Kwekwe.

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