NERA Calls for Electoral Reforms following historic Harare meeting

By Staff Reporter

Political parties and civic society organisations in Zimbabwe held a historic meeting in Harare to address the urgent need for electoral reforms.

Thirteen political parties and seven civic society organisations gathered for the inaugural meeting of the National Electoral Reform Agenda (NERA). The Chairman, Engineer Mugari Joelson, emphasized the importance of electoral reforms and called for unity among political parties.

In a statement issued by NERA, the meeting discussed issues such as demilitarization of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), equitable distribution of ballot papers, transparent appointment of ZEC commissioners, non-alignment of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) with any political party, and the right of assisted voters to choose their own assistants.

They also highlighted the need for equal access to media, respect for the code of conduct, and expedited resolution of electoral disputes. The meeting concluded with a commitment to regular gatherings and the presentation of petitions to demand the implementation of reforms.

“Today’s gathering marks a historic step towards electoral reforms in Zimbabwe. We urge all political parties to unite and work together to ensure free, fair, and credible elections in our country. An injury to one is an injury to all, and it is only through our collective efforts that we can bring about meaningful change”, said Mugari

The next meeting will be scheduled soon, with the aim of proposing additional changes to Parliament and ZEC.

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