Churches Rally Behind Palestine

By Edward Makuzva 

A number of local churches converged at a Pastors’ Conference, Thursday, in the capital in solidarity with the Palestinians in commemorating Nakba day.

Addressing delegates at the event, Apostolic Bishops Network chairman, Apostle  Brian Mgabazi added that there is misinformation on the Palestinian crisis and bemoaned the attacks on churches by Israeli security forces.

“If there is no justice, there is no safety. If there is no safety, there is no freedom of worship.

“What worries us as churches is the systemic destruction of churches in Palestine by Israeli forces. In particular the recent attack on worshippers during Ramadan. This cause for us(sic) to stand in solidarity”, Apostle Mgabazi explained. 

He highlighted that there has been so much misinformation by the Western media with regard to the Palestinian crisis. 

Apostle Mgabazi added that Nakba Day commemorates the more than 750,000 Palestinians who were expelled from their homes, and more than 400 Palestinian villages destroyed in the events surrounding the establishment of Israel in 1948.

He said Palestinians were displaced from their Holy Land paving way for the establishment of  Israel hence their fight for their birthright.

Speaking at the same occasion Palestinian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Tamer Almassri narrated the struggle of the Palestinian people under the Israel Apartheid.

The Palestinian ambassador hailed the support from the government and the people of Zimbabwe in the quest to end one of the worst and the last occupations in the world; the Israeli apartheid regime.

“We would like to reiterate the fact that with your support and solidarity, Palestinian people can also achieve self-determination and together we can end the Israeli occupation and colonialism,” Almassri explained. 

Christianity and Islam are the biggest religions in the world. About 80 per cent of the people on the globe are considered religious.

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