Kwekwe couple gifted house by Govt

Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

After 30 years of staying in a singles apartment, built under the Rhodesian regime to accommodate local industrial workers, a family in Kwekwe found favour with the city fathers who allocated them a three roomed apartment built under the Mbizo 7 urban renewal program.

Mathias Zivanai and his wife of over thirty years never imagined that a day will come when they will leave their one room apartment to live in a better house.

The couple started staying in a singles apartment 30 years ago when they were still a young couple. Till now, when they have grandchildren.

Speaking to Impact Stories Zimbabwe on the sidelines of the handover of the houses by government and the local authority, the Zivanai couple expressed their excitement unexpected dream of leaving a one room apartment for a better home.

“I never imagined in my life that this day would come, where I will relocate into a big house, I have been staying in the singles apartment for 30 years with my family, until now.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Kwekwe city council and the government of Zimbabwe for this day.

“I also want to thank God for this, indeed He is faithful,” said Zivanai.

Furthermore, Constance Zivanai who could not control her emotional tears of joy poured out her heart rendering message.

“After so many years of staying in singles apartment with my family I never imagined that I will stay in a big house and have that experience of sweeping a big house.

“We started staying there as a young couple until now, we have daughters in-law and grandchildren.

“We were staying in that room with my daughter in-law and grandchildren. It has not been easy but today we have been remembered. I feel humbled and I want to thank the government and our city council for what they have done to my family,” said Zivanai (Constance).

Meanwhile, Kwekwe city council built three housing units, two in Mbizo 7 and one in Mbizo 21 using devolution funds under the urban renewal program.

The houses were commissioned by Kwekwe district coordinator Mr Fortune Mupungu who was standing in for the Minister of Midlands Provincial Affairs and Devolution Honourable Larry Mavima.

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