ZANU PF Affirms Solidarity With Palestinian People

By Edward Makuzva

Harare-The ruling ZANU PF party on Wednesday expressed its solidarity with the Palestinian people at an event held in partnership with the Women Writers Support Network- Africa.

The Palestian Embassy in Harare undertaking the celebrations to mark the International Day of the Solidarity with Palestian people who are being brutalised everyday by the Israeli apartheid.

Speaking at the celebrations, Zanu PF Secretary for External Affairs, Simbarashe Mumbengegwi condemned the brutal killings of the Palestian people.

In his speech, Mumbengegwi highlighted that Zimbabwe went through a very bitter war of liberation and the nature of issues is the same with what is happening to the Palestinian people in terms of being occupied.

The ZANU PF Secretary for External Affairs revealed that there are people who say Isreal are only resisting, defending themselves and their country. The Palestinian people have every right to resist against occupation, he advised.

“We know how brutal the enemy can become. We were under occupation and during the colonial era, we actually had a national holiday on the 12th of September every year which was called Occupation Day. And we resisted against the occupation such that we were branded terrorists.

”Is there any higher level of terrorism higher than occupying people, their country, their resources and their wealth? When you resist against that occupation, you are branded a terrorist. And the occupier tries to deceive the world that they are the victims, ” Mumbengegwi explained.

He highlighted that Israel wants to bring every building in Palestine to the ground openly. They don’t want to allow any food, any water, any medicine, nothing to get to millions of Palestine people. They move on to bombard hospitals, schools without any apology. Not by mistake but by intention.

“International law doesn’t allow this but Israel can do this because the western powers allow it. None of the western powers is prepared to announce that this is a war against humanity. They are getting silent. Even in their own countries, they have gatherings protesting on why their governments can stand idle and cheer on murderers.

“We have discovered that some countries have double standards and they open their eyes to things happening to other parts of the world and blind them to what is happening in Palestine.

“I have no doubt, whatsoever happens to the people of Palestine, they have a will and destination to win back their land. No oppressor has succeeded in our history. We can feel for them and as Zimbabwe we express our commitment and solidarity with the troubles of the Palestine people . The oppressing powers should be ashamed of what they have done,” Mumbengegwi explained.

Speaking at the same occasion , Palestine Ambassador to Zimbabwe Dr. Tamer Almassri revealed that the International Day of the Solidarity was a very special day as it highlights the atrocities they are suffering at the hands of Israel.

Ambassador Almassri said nowadays Israel apatheid regime continues with their genocide against our people in Gaza strip.

“Security, stability and peace in our region can be attained by ending the Israeli occupation of the land of the State of Palestine. Palestinians will use all means necessary, permitted by international law to defend themselves and resist Israeli occupation.

“America and its allies have lost their credibility totally and it will take generations to convince the Arab, Islamic and free world including Africa that they really care about the values of democracy, human rights and rule of law, as they have been using these values as a pretext to destabilize other sovereign countries,” he explained.

Ambassador Almassri added that despite these blatant violations, the world has remained silent. The international community’s double standards and failure to act against the Israeli violations of Palestinian people’s rights encourages Israel to increase its crimes against our oppressed people.

The Israel crimes nowadays target our hospitals, civilians, universities, schools,infrastructure and everything.

Statistics revealed that 15000 lives lost, 75% being women and children, 7 000 are under the rubbles, 58 000 are injured with 1.5 million displaced most of them from the North to the South of Gaza.

The International Day of solidarity with the Palestinian is observed annually on November 29.

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