Aspiring ZANU PF, CCC Mbizo MPs cast their votes

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MBIZO constituency aspiring legislative ZANU PF and CCC candidates cast their votes this morning at their respective polling stations.

Speaking to journalists, both candidates Coban Madzivanyika of the Citizens Coalition for Change and Vongaishe Mupereri of ZANU PF commended the peaceful environment in Mbizo.

“I have casted my vote and the process here is going on very smoothly, ” said ZANU PF Mbizo Candidate Vongaishe Mupereri.

“It seems as if the citizens of Zimbabwe have hidden the President’s call for peace because we had our campaigns peacefully even when we had the door to door campaigns they were very peaceful.”

However, Madzivanyika noted with concern that there are some people at the Chana Primary school polling station, Mbizo 16 Old clinic and Tasungana polling station who are writing people’s names outside the polling stations.

“The voting process is going on smoothly and peaceful although there are a bit of long queues, ” he said.

“We have also noted with concern that there are some people who are writing people’s names after voting, so far we had such instances at Chana Primary school polling station and Mbizo 16 Old clinic ” he added.

Some people with ZANU PF regalia close to Tasungana polling station in Mbizo Kwekwe recording names of their party members after voting

Speaking to journalists one of the individuals who was jotting down the electorate’ s details about 100 meters away from Tasungana polling station said he was recording names for the party.

“We are recording names for the party so we are looking for a strategic place to do our work,” said one of the individuals.

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