Muzorewa calls for inclusive government for Zim to progress

By Thulani NDLOVU

Bulawayo-In a press statement delivered yesterday in Bulawayo, the United African National Council (UANC) President Rev Gwinyai Muzorewa emphasized the urgent need for peace, reconciliation, and nation-building in Zimbabwe.
Addressing journalists, Muzorewa said, “We must come together as Zimbabweans and work towards unity, inclusivity, and real change.”

Muzorewa stressed the importance of power devolution and highlighted that Zimbabwe is a democracy, not a monocracy. He called upon progressive political parties, stating, “Join hands with us in fostering unity, peace, justice, and prosperity through democratic principles.” Recognizing the challenges faced by the ruling party, the UANC leader proposed the formation of an inclusive government to ensure political stability and economic progress.

Additionally, the UANC leader acknowledged the significance of spiritual healing at a national level. He emphasized the need for special rituals and spiritual protocols to be observed, working alongside traditional leaders, churches, and religious bodies.
Muzorewa urged the government to prioritize matters of culture, morality, and spirituality as integral components of achieving true peace and unity.

He also emphasized the importance of nation-building, calling upon President Mnangagwa and the nation as a whole to introduce and implement policies that promote progress and development.

“We need a government of national unity that transcends political, tribal, and regional divides,” said Muzorewa.

He highlighted the vital role of national infrastructure rehabilitation, including access to clean water, quality healthcare, and safe roads, in ensuring the well-being and prosperity of all Zimbabweans.

Concluding his statement, Muzorewa reiterated the UANC’s commitment to peace, unity, and moral values. He urged political leaders to prioritize the welfare of their followers and shift away from individualistic motives, stating, “It is time to work together for the betterment of our society.”
He acknowledged positive steps taken by the government and emphasized the importance of constructive engagement for the betterment of Zimbabwe.

President Muzorewa’s direct call for unity, inclusive governance, and spiritual healing resonates deeply within Zimbabwe’s current context. His vision for progress and healing offers a tangible path forward that transcends political divisions, aiming to build a united, peaceful, and prosperous Zimbabwe for all its citizens.

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