If HIV was a cartoon series

Emaciated, in pain, just like walking graves
Death knocks on the gaunt-looking with a trail of destruction
The young, old, even babies die
“There is no treatment…,” Doctors inform the severely ill
When the body becomes a playground for all infectious diseases
Havoc reigns, “There is no treatment,” became the mantra
An avalancing pandemic Tears, fear, and stigma envelope the nations
Shame, discrimination, carry your cross
You deserve it, moral lenses rule
With no hope, science was not asleep
Clinical trials, trials, and more trials
Exhausted, the sun rises on the horizon
Taraaaaa. and next comes a savior, ARV
Punch to the virus, next punch, more punches, straight on the floor
Aaah aaaah aaaah, this is a wonder drug
“Hey you, look here… you just knocked me down, I haven’t died..” jeers the knocked out guy

“Really, look at me, I am strong, I can do all, even more than before. Gone are your days…,”
Retorts the revived, a new lease of life
“Oh hohoho, do you think you are strong enough to stop taking those pills?…” jeers the cornered virus hiding, undetected

“Who said I will miss my doses? You are an idiot. Pills are my friends, and I will take them for life…”

“Really, I was following your chats on Vibes
You all have a new condition, 💊 💊 💊 fatigue
I know you will soon be missing doses due to that condition
I will rise like a monster,
I will give you a severe knock
You will groan in pain
I will call my friends TB, pneumonia, skin and mouth rashes, you may even call it a day as your friends sing Raive gamba redu,…and you know very well that I am racing ahead of those who dare me…”
Lived reality of pill fatigue
“I believe in science. It’s only a matter of time. The vaccine will be here,”
“Hohohoho, what vaccine, no jab has subdued me, that mirage like mist vanishes, you think I am Covid-19’s sibling, no, I am cunning, clever, I mutate over a million times. Covid-19 did not even get to 10, I m invincible,”
Covid-19 was hectic, and vaccines came out guns blazing
Why is a vaccine evading HIV?
Mutation, more mutation, ability to hide
The most clever virus, science never quits

“In fact, science is silently working on a cure, gene therapy, in vivo, ex vivo. Have you heard of that?” challenges the client.
“Till then, my dear, and not so dearr, take those pills, you can’t beat me. Those 💊 💊
are the sure way to safety. Oh, you got an injection to knock me out, but how many afford that? ” hahaha 😂😂 the hiding virus laughs.

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