Mimosa’s Corporate Social Responsibility: Enhancing Health and Hope in Mberengwa

By Staff Writer

Mberengwa is about to witness a remarkable transformation in its healthcare system, all thanks to Mimosa, a mining company operating in the region and its commitment to improving the well-being of the people. This aligns perfectly with President Mnangagwa’s vision of inclusivity and progress.

During a recent visit to Mimosa mining company in Zvishavane, Honorable Polite Kambamura, the Deputy Minister of Mines, expressed his satisfaction with the company’s progress. He highlighted three significant projects that have the potential to greatly impact the community’s health and future.

The first project focuses on optimizing the plant to improve recoveries and efficiency. Through fine-tuning and replacing outdated components, Mimosa aims to enhance performance. With an investment of around 134 million US dollars, the project is nearing completion and is set to be officially commissioned next year.

The second project, known as the North Hill project, centers on one of Mimosa’s three deposits. Following successful exploration, the company has now entered the mine construction phase. This project, along with the other deposits, will contribute to the overall growth and sustainability of the company.

The third project involves constructing a new tailings dam with a capacity of approximately 110 million tons. This dam not only provides a secure storage solution but also allows for the retreatment of the old tailings dam, which is approaching the end of its lifespan. This forward-thinking approach demonstrates Mimosa’s commitment to responsible mining practices and potential future mineral recovery.

While Mimosa’s mining operations are commendable, their dedication to corporate social responsibility is equally impressive. Deputy Minister Kambamura had the opportunity to visit the Mberengwa Clinic, one of Mimosa’s flagship projects. The clinic now features newly built wards for male and female patients, each with a capacity of accommodating 29 beds. Additionally, an advanced administration block and laundry equipment have been provided to ensure efficient operations. Mimosa’s commitment to supporting the community’s healthcare needs is further demonstrated by the construction of a mortuary capable of holding 12 bodies.

“Mimosa is truly walking the talk and following the president’s vision and mantra of inclusivity,” emphasized Deputy Minister Kambamura during his visit to the Mberengwa Clinic. “They are bringing health right to the people. The future is bright for the people of Mberengwa. Mimosa is dedicated to the people, and we hope other mining companies will follow their exemplary example.”

With approximately 3,800 employees, Mimosa has shown resilience in the face of international metal price fluctuations. Despite the challenges, the company has implemented measures to secure its employees’ jobs. This commitment to job security during tough times sets a positive example for other mining companies in the region.

Mimosa’s corporate social responsibility efforts reflect President Mnangagwa’s call for mining communities to benefit from the resources in their vicinity. By investing in healthcare infrastructure, Mimosa is bringing health directly to the people of Mberengwa. This commitment to the community’s well-being is a testament to the company’s dedication to the president’s vision of inclusivity.

As Mimosa continues to set a high standard for responsible mining and corporate social responsibility, the future looks promising for the people of Mberengwa. The company’s efforts to improve healthcare facilities and support the community’s well-being will undoubtedly have a lasting impact, setting a benchmark for other mining companies to follow.

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