NERA Makes Strides in Advocating for Electoral Reforms

Harare, Zimbabwe – The National Elections Reform Agenda (NERA) held a successful meeting on December 8th, 2023, advancing their campaign for electoral reforms. Attended by various political parties and civil society organizations, including MDC, PDP, ZIPP, FORUS Party, UD-PPZ, and LEAD, the meeting proved to be a resounding success.

Led by Chairman Eng. Mugari, participants engaged in productive discussions, emphasizing the importance of electoral reforms. Key priorities included the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and the inclusion of age limits for presidential candidates. The unanimous call for reforms highlighted the potential benefits for political parties and the country’s economic growth.

NERA expressed gratitude to individuals who are sponsoring their meetings. They urged other political parties and leaders to contribute to the collective effort for electoral reforms. The upcoming Principals meeting in January 2024 will further solidify their commitment to these reforms.

NERA aims to build a stronger and more democratic Zimbabwe by protecting the voices of voters. The organization invites all stakeholders, including churches, citizens, and corporates, to join hands and support their agenda for national economic growth.

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