Chamisa promises to rebrand Kwekwe

Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has promised to transform and rebrand Kwekwe to the ‘Gold City’.

Addressing party supporters in Kwekwe at Mbizo Stadium this Tuesday afternoon, Chamisa promised the electorate that if he is voted into power, he will makesure that gold in Kwekwe will benefit the local residents by transforming the city to a well-developed ‘Gold City’.

“Kwekwe is the future, because you are strategic, in the new government, Kwekwe will be rebranded to the Gold City.

“As Citizens, you cannot extract gold that you do not benefit from because it is being taken away to Dubai and other places.

“Gold ‘mafia’ should be Kwekwe citizens who are the owners of these gold mines and not outsiders,” he said.

Chamisa reassured the electorate that under his leadership, Kwekwe will have a gold processing plant and factories.

“We will establish factories in Kwekwe, to process gold and also make sure that we have an international airport in Kwekwe, so that international investors and those who want to buy gold will get it from here.

“We want decentralisation of services so as to avoid a situation of having everything being done in Harare. International investors should come straight to Kwekwe,” he said.

Furthermore, Chamisa called upon the electorate to vote for God-fearing leadership.

He accused his rival ZANU PF presidential candidate Emmerson Mnangagwa for repressive leadership.

“Zimbabwe needs a leader and not a ruler, my brother (Emmerson Mnangagwa) believes in being a ruler not a leader. He stole the 2018 vote and now he has failed to provide good leadership for the development of the nation, ” he added.

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