Delimitation causes delays in candidates’ nomination process

Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) candidates for Kwekwe city council faced delays during the filing of their nomination papers due to the effects of the delimitation exercise which shifted some of their nominations from their usual ward boundaries.

Speaking to the media after the nomination court process at Kwekwe civic centre last Wednesday evening, CCC candidate Henry Madzorera who spoke on behalf of the party revealed that some of their candidates had to run around looking for new nominations after they eventually realized that their nominations were shifted to other wards during the delimitation exercise.

“We faced some challenges on some wards that were affected by the delimitation exercise where some candidates had nominations under the impression that the people were still in their wards not knowing that they were shifted to other wards through delimitation. So they, (the candidates) had to run around to look for new nominations, ” said Madzorera.

However, Madzorera commended the smooth process as the party fielded candidates in all 14 wards.

ZANU PF party representative Wallace Masiiwa also commended the smooth process although one of their candidates faced some challenges which were resolved successfully during the nomination process.

“We have successfully done our nominations and it started well during the morning but we faced one challenge with one of our candidates whose name was not appearing on the voters roll, however, the challenge was solved so everything went well,” said Masiiwa.

48 candidates from different parties including ZANU PF, CCC, DUZ, MDC-T, NPC and independent candidates were successfully nominated.

Three independent candidates were unsuccessful due to insufficient nominations.

The nomination court started in the morning and adjourned around 7 pm.

It was presided over by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission officials in Kwekwe.

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