Mega Bash to bring SA, Zim Artists Under One Roof

By Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

A Zimbabwean artist based in South Africa, Gabriel Muchanyu aka Advocate I is set to host a mega-birthday bash during the first weekend of June, bringing together Zimbabwean and South African artists as a sign of unity between the two nations.

“There will be live performances from myself obviously as I will be launching my EPs Royal Devotion and Heart and Soul for the first time.

“As for the supporting acts, I had to bring South Africans and Zimbabweans under one roof to unite our nations through music so we will be having South African artists Blakka Yut , Nthabisoul and Zimbabwean artists Phreshy, Gillaz, Mann and Future Farmah on the stage, ” Advocate I said.

The youthful artist said sabotage has inspired him to come up with his own brand Dzemabweh Africa Media and work on his own to build an empire.

“I am moving from the comfort zone, as you know many artists wait to get booked by promoters for them to make money.

“I chose to break that barrier and decided to start my own events, booking myself and other artists. Dzemabweh Afrika Media is my brainchild, the vision and goal is to promote anything art.

“I experienced a lot of sabotage, segregation and not getting support because people or promoters don’t believe in your art work.

“This inspired the whole movement, it made me my biggest fan and supporter, ” he said.

“My birthday is on 22 May and I wanted to host the event on the exact date but it is during week days so we had to move it forward,” he said.

The event will be held at Ikos Palace, Midrand, South Africa.

To spice up the event, Advocate I will be launching his clothing brand.

“We will also be launching Live N Love which is my clothing brand. Small items like Caps, Winter hats, Tees, etc will be on sale together with CDs and flash drives of my musical projects.”

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