10 Steps to Monetising Almost Anything You do

By Carl Joshua Ncube

The trick to monetising anything is realising that for everything you do for free, there’s someone getting paid to do it.

The difference is that you are looking to try and make some money, yet that’s not the point.

The point is about solving your own problems. Chances are, you are solving someone else’s problems, which means you are creating a solution that can generate revenues. Here are a few steps that I use.

  1. Identify something you do daily for free (cooking, school run, arguing online, playing video games, gardening, gossiping).

2. Research other people who get paid to do what you are doing.

3. Identify core skills needed to get good at what you do

4. Train daily at that skill, or creating that product.
5. Find out other uses of the same core skill (e.g doing a school run means you are a logistics company. Gossiping means you are a media company)

6. Identify core services and begin telling people about them e.g (I hope to do more school runs, I hope to have a transport company, I hope to plan trips, I hope to do corporate pickups and courier services).

7 Develop a business plan. Each new revenue stream needs to be nurtured like having a baby. You will need to feed and look after it and be identified as its parent before it starts looking after you.

8. Start offering your new services for free or promotional rates or barter deals to firm up your systems. Doing something as a service or product for free is harder than it looks but it helps to prove that there is a need for you as a business.

9. Set up a pricing structure as well as a pricing target. Today you could be cheaper because you aren’t that good but as you get better and get seen, you move towards that pricing target. Don’t be greedy, be strategic.

10. First, get good, then get seen. Then put systems in place to get paid e.g (quotations, invoicing)

So in short onside the thought that we are all Jack of all trades. The difference with me is that I have identified things I hate paying for and structured my life to get paid instead for the things I would have to pay for.

For example, I don’t like paying for travel so I am a travel Vlogger, I hate paying for groceries so I trained myself to be a chef.

I hated paying for entertainment, so I became an artist manager and eventually a Comedian because I am always at some event.

I consult for hotels, restaurants and bars (I am sure you can see what I mean). So my core skills developed are design concepts, writing, public relations, marketing, and media. All these things service Comedy, Cooking, Consultancy, Coaching etc.

Feel free to ask questions below or buy my book Motivational Articles by Carl which gives you a more in-depth guide to Monetizing Anything….WhatsApp 0774280811 on details on how to buy the eBook

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