ZANU-PF Midlands Factions Bury the Hatchet

Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

ZANU-PF Midlands Province factional camps have dissolved themselves and reunited
ahead of the 2023 general elections.

The three camps that included one led by ZANU PF Provincial Chairperson Cde Larry Mavima, another led by Mackenzie Ncube and another one led by Former State Security Minister Owen Mudha Ncube came clean before party supporters that the fights are over and they had reunited for the common goal of winning the Presidential elections come 2023.

Addressing party supporters at ZANU-PF Kwekwe district offices on Wednesday, the trio pledged their unwavering support to President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. They also cautioned party supporters to stop unverified gossip and perpetuating for the formation of factional groups.

“We have had a cordial relationship with Cde Owen Ncube for the past 38 years but you(supporters) are the ones who want to spoil our friendship because of your endless gossip.

“We are open and we should be moving in the same direction, united as one for our President to win the elections,” said Cde Mavima.

“You might have heard of our fights, yes we fought but we have left all that behind us and we have united as one, working together for a common goal of winning the 2023 Presidential elections.
“We want a united ZANU-PF not groups,” added Mavima.

Furthermore, Mackenzie Ncube blamed the primary elections as the source of factional fights that had shaken the party.

“Our problems start during primary elections(sic), they have shaken our party, because that is when people start forming groups, claiming to belong to certain individuals,” said Ncube.

He also cautioned party supporters to stop causing unnecessary fights through gossip.

“This is a very important day for Kwekwe, because we are one family in ZANU-PF. We want to show you that we are now united and it is no longer possible for you to come to us trying to lure us for your personal gains.
“We do not have people but people belong to the party. So you should stop gossiping and causing disunity among us.

“Let us rally behind the President and stop cheap gossip and lies because our aim is for the President to win in 2023,” said Ncube.

Meanwhile, during his meeting with the Traditional leaders at Kwekwe Mining Museum Hall some weeks ago, ZANU-PF Second Secretary Kembo Mohadi warned Ncube, Mudha and others against the formation of factional camps in the Midlands Province.

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