Linda Masarira calls on mothers to instil gender awareness in children

Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

LEAD president Linda Tsungirirai Masarira has urged mothers to instil a culture of gender sensitivity and anti-violence in children as they nurture them into adulthood.

In celebration of Mother’s day, Masarira recognized the role of mothers in nurturing their children to become better people in society.

“Motherhood has no manuals, no guidelines, (sometimes) no rewards and recognition which makes it the most difficult leadership role ever with a never-ending responsibility of planning, training mentoring, budgeting, decision making, delegating, communicating and a whole lot more.

“As we lead our families, let us #LetLoveLEAD and raise children that are gender-sensitive, who understand what equality is, children who are anti-violence who will understand the aspect of using dialogue as a means to resolve conflict.

” We can end violence in the world if we take up our natural role as peace ambassadors.

“As we breastfed life into our children, today I encourage every one of you to breastfeed love, unity, tolerance and peace to the world,”
said Masarira.

Masarira who is also an advocate of gender equality and the recognition of women appealed to the Vice President of Zimbabwe Dr Constantine Chiwenga to allow the mother of his children Marry Mubaiwa have access to their children.

“As we celebrate mother’s day today, my heart bleeds as I think of what Marry Mubaiwa is going through with no access to her children.

“With all due respect, I humbly and publicly appeal to the Vice President of Zimbabwe Dr Chiwenga to allow his ex-wife access to her children.

“Children should never be used to fix the other parent in a conflict. Ndakumbirisawo Soko,” she said.

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