Zig Zag band drops another jam

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Zig Zag band has dropped another bombshell track titled Jongwe Rechirungu a month after releasing a track Gwenyambira which is slowly penetrating through the entertainment circles.

The second track is taken off the album Chigiyo culture.

The track brings that old reggae skanking flavour reminiscent of the original Mudzimu Mukuru hit by the original Zig-Zag Band that made international stardom.

Composer of the song Julius Ziva said that the song was taken from a Shona folktale which speaks about an elderly woman who moved around with an owl strapped to her back which she used for witchcraft.

“Jongwe Rechirungu was taken from a Shona story (ngano) whereby an elderly witch would move around with an owl saying, ‘ijongwe rechirungu,” said Ziva.

Zig Zag band was revived early this year in Kwekwe, an initiative led by Tawanda Jumo aka Bantuman. The Zig Zag band team joined forces with Bantuman to come up with the album.

Jongwe rechirungu is now available on youtube.

Speaking to Impact Stories Zimbabwe Entertainment, Zig Zag Band fans have expressed their unwavering support to the band which found its way back into the music circles this year after years of silence.

“I am a fan of Chigiyo for many years and I expect to witness the original Zig Zag band music that was there from long ago. They should stick to their originality, ” said one Onward Goronga.

“l like the new track, it reminds me of the old Chigiyo, you can not talk of the Zig Zag without mentioning Chigiyo, ” added another fan.

The band director and executive Producer Tawanda Jumo appreciated the support that is being rendered by the fans to their band.

“The support we are receiving on the first track is quite encouraging. It’s now playing on the radio and doing well on the charts.

“Gwenyambira is largely successful and we hope the impact will double once we start having shows because Chigiyo music lovers gave it a thumbs up, ” said Jumo.

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