Redcliff Municipality welcomes Simbisa brands

Prisca Manyiwa-Masuku

Redcliff Municipality has welcomed the establishment of the new Simbisa Brands Food Court at Redcliff Turn-off as a welcome initiative that will contribute towards the development of the municipality.

Speaking at the official opening of the Redcliff Chicken Inn complex, Redcliff Municipality Acting Town clerk Nyararai Gomba said the establishment of the complex is a step ahead towards the municipality’s vision of becoming a city.

“This investment is very significant for Redcliff because I’m sure you know the geographical location of our current central business centre it’s not very visible from the highway so the establishment of this place has made our municipality to be more visible.

“We have a lot of land that we are planning for a new city along the highway so we are in the process of working towards such a big establishment in our town,” said Acting town clerk Nyararai Gomba.

In addition, Chicken Inn Marketing Manager Fortunate Mushongandebvu acknowledge the support that the community has rendered so far to the Simbisa Brand.

“We are officially opening the Redcliff complex which is comprised of three brands that are Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn and Bakers Inn. This chicken Inn becomes our 75th in the country with plans to open more.

“We are excited about Redcliff and the support we get from the communities we operate in and in return as Simbisa Brands we always seek to impact our communities through donations and supporting community initiatives,” she said.

All employees on this initiative were recruited from Redcliff, Rutendo and Torwood, to support the local community with employment opportunities.

Kids Play Area- Redcliff Turn-Off Simbisa Brands Food Court

“Another unique set up about our Redcliff complex is that it has a huge play centre for kids so we are inviting kindergartens and pre-schools to bring kids here for fun, “she added.

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